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Belfort Plans On Easy License In Nevada

“…What I want now is get licenses in every state because the UFC is a global company, and I want to fight whenever there’s a fight. If I need a license to fight in Mars, I’m ready. We’re going to contact [the NSAC], as we’re going to contact every other state commission. I’m focused on a goal, and every day is time to smash the grapes.”

“…Everybody respects each other and do what is right, as I always did. Even Dana White said I was the most tested fighter (in 2013), and now I’m OK now (with TRT ban).”

“Not at all (the NSAC’s surprise drug test will not be an issue), even because I was in treatment. The only thing is that I didn’t have the license (to use it) in Nevada.

“I always did all the exams. When I was doing the TRT treatment I did exams every week, so I have all the history. That’s really serious and I have good doctors. I was always very responsible with that.”

In a recent interview with MMAFighting.com, Vitor Belfort spoke out about his use of TRT, the surprise drug test by the NSAC and getting licenses to fight in the post-TRT era.


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