BEEF! Conor: ‘Mendes Is A White Belt, B-Level Fighter’

Conor McGregor may have a new opponent for UFC 189, but that hasn’t disrupted the Irishman’s trash talking abilities.

Here is what the “Notorious” had to say about his new UFC 189 opponent Chad “Money” Mendes on the UFC 189 media conference call:

“I think Chad is the substitute. He’s the B level. I think he’s a wrestler with an overhand that gasses. I think his body weight to his size to his height, his body is in disproportion. I think that hampers him as a fighter and I think that’s why he gasses. That’s why when I am pressing him up and on these exchanges and these scrambles, his belly is going to be aching and his body is going to be screaming and I’m still going to be there in his face. I’ll be cracking him with everything I have: the heel, the elbow, the fist, every shot in the book that I have. And that will be that. Eventually, he will give like they all do.”

Mendes returned fire by asking McGregor how he planned on doing all that damage from his back, but Conor remained unphased replying with the following statement:

“What are you going to do? You can’t even pass guard. You’re a white belt on the mat. What, you’re going to get me down and hold me down? I’ll butcher you from the bottom. I’ll get back up and I’ll butcher you on the feet. I’m going to kick you straight in the throat!”

Do you think Mendes be able to dominate McGregor on the ground? Sound off Penn Nation!

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