Barboza On His Love For America Food

“You get perfect Brazilian food. I eat, my whole life, in Brazil, you know? But, that food, I love American food, man.

My favorite is American breakfast. Like bacon, pancakes, eggs. In Brazil, breakfast like a bread, coffee, fruit, that’s it. But here… First time, that’s funny.

My first day in America. My friend get me at airport, I don’t speak English, nothing, zero. My English not, is bad I know, but I don’t speak nothing. My friend pick me up in the airport, like at 5 am. He said, “Are you hungry?” I say, “Yeah, I’m very hungry.” Because I come Brazil to US, I don’t eat nothing in the airplane. Because, I don’t know. I think I need to pay, I don’t have a money for pay, so the guy’s coming, “Oh.”

I’m very hungry. “Let’s go eat breakfast.” “Okay.” Eat breakfast like a… I saw a plate, the guy has, like, a… Man, potato, bacon, pancakes, “Fwah. Yeah, yeah, I love it. I like this place, man.” That’s my favorite, that’s breakfast, man. My favorite, right in US. But, I don’t miss Brazilian food. No, nothing.

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My wife right here right now, “Let’s go eat in some Brazilian place.” “Mm, nah.”

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