Arthur Jones: “Jon is different. His mind is on a whole different level.”

By bjpenndotcom - April 26, 2014

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The Jones family. What can be said that hasn’t already been pointed out about how freakishly athletic this family is, more specifically the three brothers. Jon (UFC light heavyweight champion), Arthur and Chandler (both NFL players) make up the trio of one of the most successful group of siblings.

USA Today for The Des Moines Register recently spoke with Arthur Jones, who currently plays on the Indianapolis Colts, about his younger brother and Arthur of course believes his brother is the best fighter in the world, but a natural? Not so much.

“If you say Jon can’t do it, he’s going to prove you wrong,” said Arthur. “He’s a hard worker. He works for everything he’s got. It’s like that Drake song, ‘Started from the bottom, now we’re here.’ He really did. He just worked so hard, and that’s something he’s done since we were little: outwork the competition.”

“In football, he wasn’t the best player. He couldn’t catch a cold. They tried to find a position for him to play.”

“By his senior year, he got the team’s ‘Most Improved Player. He played defensive end right next to me, and it was cool to be out there with him. He finally got to start his senior year. He was always willing to prove somebody wrong.”

“My brother is all about professionalism,” Arthur said. “Before he fights, he feels like he knows his opponent because he watches film so much and he breaks down his opponent and visualizes the fight. He dreams about it. When he gets to the octagon, it’s easy. It’s like push-and-play on a cassette.”

“Jon is different. His mind is on a whole different level.”

Jon Jones will defend his belt tonight at UFC 172 against Glover Teixeira, in Baltimore, Maryland.

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