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Anthony Johnson Knows Exactly When He Started Hating Alistair Overeem

“There was another reason I didn’t want to work with him that day. My trainer, Henri Hooft was training with us. Now Henri has a bad stomach; he’s had a lot of stomach issues, had surgery and whatnot. He had been working with Alistair, and everyone in that gym knows Henri has a bad stomach, so we know not to go hard, especially in his midsection.

“Right off the bat, Alistair got him in a clinch and threw a hard knee, BAM! right in his stomach. I’m like, ‘Okay, strike 20.’ Then, I seen him in there, and Henri got out of position. Alistair moved where he was on Henri’s left side, but behind him, and he threw a punch. That punch was straight at the back of Henri’s head. That was the moment I knew that I fucking hated this guy. I don’t have respect for anybody like that.”

In a recent interview with Bloodyelbow.com’s Steph Daniels, Anthony Johnson discussed hit dislike for Alistair Overeem in great detail.



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