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Aldo on McGregor: He has to back up all the talk now

“The Irish guy? I’m always watching every featherweight that fights in the UFC because we can eventually fight in the future. He’s a great fighter… He’s starting now, but he is already saying some polemical things. It’s part of the business. The (talking) put him on the map, so now he will have to show everything he has talked about. It’s part of the business. He hasn’t spoken my name, he only talked about the guys below me in the division. It’s his personality. If he talks, he knows what he’s doing. Let’s see in the future when he fights more if he can back it up… That’s the trend, you talk and call out and get more attention. Chael Sonnen inspired everybody. You go there and call someone out and you get the fight. But I’m here to fight whoever they put in front of me.”

Conor McGregor has been called the most hyped fighter since Brock Lesnar, but Jose Aldo isn’t sold on the brash Irishman’s ability to deliver on his threat of dominance.

As he tells MMAFighting.com, the UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo believes that McGregor has to do more than just talk!

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