‘Stitch’ Duran Calls Major ‘Bullsh*t’ On UFC’s Recent Comments

By BJPENN.COM News - August 20, 2015

stitch dana

Did you think the drama between the UFC and veteran cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran was over? Wrong.

On Wednesday, a statement from UFC’s Lawrence Epstein emerged, where he insisted that the firing of Duran had nothing to do with his comments about Reebok. Which was a major shocker considering that has been the story since day one. No one else in the UFC have disputed that notion, and it’s not like they never had the chance. UFC president Dana White in his first interview about the situation, simply put Duran on blasts for assuming they were friends.

Here’s Epstein comments, from International Business Times:

“Unequivocally, his comments had nothing to do with him getting let go,” said Epstein. “I can’t be more firm on that. There are a variety of reasons that he was let go but nothing to do with his comments on Reebok. He’s trying to paint this thing as, he said some stuff about Reebok and as a result, he was let go. It’s just not true. That’s not the reason why he was let go. I can’t be more clear on that.”

Then the UFC issued this follow up statement to BloodyElbow, in their efforts to clarify the comments, they did no such thing.

“Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran has not been banned from UFC and he is free to corner any athlete if they choose to pay for his services,” the statement reads. “We want to provide other cutmen the opportunity to work UFC events. UFC certainly respects Duran’s experience and accomplishments as a cutman, and wishes him the best. We will not comment about the other reasons that lead to the ending of his independent contractor agreement with UFC, other than to say it had nothing to do with his comments about Reebok.”


The saga continues……

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