Zuffa Is Trying to Block Request for 15 Years of Financial Statements

Dana White unhappy

Dana White

Have you ever wondered how much cash Zuffa is raking in? We may soon find out!

Zuffa is requesting to block the release of a report that would reveal exactly how much money they have made over the last fifteen years. They want the motion to stay in Northern California District Court.

This is tied in with the class action lawsuit filed by the likes of Nate Quarry and Jon Fitch. BloodyElbow is reporting that Zuffa claims, “Plaintiffs seek 15 years of Zuffa’s financial statements; balance sheets; regulatory filings; gate and merchandizing receipts from bouts, broken down by event, ‘in as granular form as it is maintained’; revenues from broadcasts of bouts, broken down by event; advertising revenues, broken down by event; and revenues related to all MMA fighters, broken down by fighter, month and year, and itemized by revenue source and line item.”

This is the worst possible timing for a report like this to come out considering all of the negative feedback the company has received for the Reebok deal.

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