Zingano: ‘Rousey Has Never Dealt With Anyone Like Me Before’


Ahead of Cat Zingano’s UFC 184 title match against Ronda Rousey later this month, ‘Alpha’ many have questioned if she will be the woman to defeat Rousey.

Zingano is supremely confident that she can defeat Rousey, and believes that Rousey is only the champion because she was given the opportunity to fight for the belt first.

She spoke to MMAFighting:

“That’s the level we’re at. She’s there, because I’m not yet. Her time came first. All these opportunities came first. All we can do is wait and see.”

“I’m unorthodox. There’s just nothing like me. There’s not. They haven’t seen anyone like me. She’s the closest that there gets, but it’s still different. I’m just more well-rounded, I have more heart, I have a lot of things going for me that people just haven’t had a chance to see yet.”

“She’s never seen or had to deal with anyone like me before. So it’s gonna be interesting.”