Woodley Wants Brown At Lawler vs. Hendricks II

Since Tyron Woodley knocked out Dong Hyun Kim last Saturday at UFC Macau, fans have been hoping for a matchup between Woodley and Matt Brown. Earlier today Brown said that he thinks fans would prefer a fight against Carlos Condit, but wasn’t against a fight with Woodley.

The Chosen One joined MMAJunkie to talk about potential fights.

“Matt Brown,” he told MMAjunkie Radio. “Matt Brown just had a war with Robbie Lawler. Exciting fight. Had he won that fight, he’d be fighting for a world title. The organization is big on him. The fans are big on him. He has a ton of cardio, a ton of heart. He fights like freakin’ a mad man.”

“It’s one of the best fights in the division just because the dude won’t go away,” Woodley said. “He’s like a freakin’ zombie. So if you guys want to see that, make your voices heard on social media.”

“I like that fight. I want that fight. Let’s make that fight happen.”

“That puts me in the position where there’s no stagger,” said Woodley, campaigning for the co-headliner slot on that currently unannounced card. “It’s no, ‘OK, he fought in June, and you fought in May, and he’s not ready, and it’s too soon.’ Whenever they schedule Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler, I think it’d be phenomenal if they made us the co-main event. We won’t let the fans down. I think it sets up a ‘Fight of the Night’ or ‘Fight of the Year’ type of fight based on our styles and our histories.

“If Matt Brown is open to the idea of pleasing these fans and giving them a great show – and putting himself or putting myself back in the world title hunt – it’s great for us. I respect him. He’s a stud. I think he fights hard as hell. I enjoy watching him. I’m a fan of his heart and his toughness. I need to be test

The other reason Woodley is campaigning so hard for a slot on the Lawler vs. Hendricks II card is because if someone pulls out of the fight with an injury, Woodley can step in.

“That’s the point exactly,” he said with a laugh. “I didn’t say it, and you did, but I was definitely thinking it.”

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