White: ‘Vitor Belfort Drug Test Results Absolutely Irrelevant’

“I think it’s all going to work out. I’m telling you, the whole Vitor thing, you guys know. Vitor drives me nuts, but Vitor has gotten a bad rap on this whole thing. He’s gotten a bad rap.”

“When he showed up in Nevada the thing that was bad about that is he showed up and [the NSAC was] like, ‘You’re on testosterone?’ ‘Yea, I’m on testosterone. Everybody knows that.’ ‘You shouldn’t have come to Nevada until you were off it.’ I’m so glad TRT is gone. So much better for the sport.”

“It’s absolutely irrelevant because I’m telling you right now we tested the shit out of [Belfort] before every fight he fought. I don’t remember at what point it was but I said, ‘Believe me, we’re going to put him through the wringer with the TRT thing’ and we did. He complied to everything he was asked to do. He was tested. He was always within his limits. Vitor Belfort was never cheating.”

“Then it became a thing where TRT was looked at when you looked at Vitor and how he fought and how he looked and everything else. That’s what the stuff was designed to do. Stuff is designed to make a guy my age work like a guy Jon Jones’ age. That’s what TRT is for and it worked. It definitely worked for Vitor.

“The thing is with Vitor Belfort is he was never over his [testosterone] limits when he fought. Here’s the thing, lets say he came into Nevada and his levels were off the charts. He wasn’t fighting. Came [to Nevada] to talk about getting licensed and the thing was, ‘Welcome to Nevada. You want to be licensed here? You have to stop taking TRT.’ As a guy who’s not fighting, you can go around do whatever the hell you want with TRT, right?”

“I’ll consider him fighting anywhere. Wherever he lands, he’ll land.”

During yesterday’s media scrum, UFC President Dana White discussed the ongoing situation with Vitor Belfort and his TRT use.

You can catch the replay right HERE.

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