White Responds To Aldo — ‘There’s always a negative guy out there talking’


UFC president Dana White had a few things to say about Jose Aldo speaking out about the Reebok deal.

On UFC Tonight, the boss talked about Aldo and the things he complained about in his recent comments, things like the need for a fighter’s union, saying that if they had one they would not have agreed to this Reebok deal.

White, fresh off of announcing the new drug-testing policy, was a little frustrated that people are still being negative even after such an extensive policy was announced to clean up the sport. He said that if there was a union then this drug-testing policy would have never happened and:

“The fighters aren’t being treated well? They’re getting all the money. The fighters are getting paid every time they fight. Every time they step in the cage they’re being paid by Reebok and you can still keep all your sponsors.”

“Jose Aldo is the perfect example. Reebok went after Jose Aldo aggressively and [Brazilian MMA apparel brand] Venum was like, ‘You’re not taking Jose Aldo.’ Venum ended up keeping Jose Aldo. It paid him more money.”

That’s interesting that Reebok actually tried to sign Aldo and he ended up getting more money from his old sponsor instead. What do you make of that?

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