Werdum: ‘I’ll Beat Velasquez Just Like I Beat Fedor’


Recently the UFC announced that Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum would headline UFC 188 in Mexico City on June 13th.

The bout will be a title unification bout, with Velasquez being the current UFC heavyweight champion, and Werdum being the interim UFC heavyweight champion after defeating Mark Hunt via KO at UFC 180.

Werdum spoke to fans at a Q&A in his home town of Porto Alegre this past weekend at “UFC Fight Night: Mir vs. Bigfoot”.

“If I have to spend two, three months there (Mexico) and (almost) die again, I’ll do it. I’m bringing this belt home, one more time, with much pride. I always say that I represent Brazil and I’m very proud to be gaucho.”

“I imagine not just the fight, but also my interview with Joe Rogan, and what I’ll be saying. I think about all that. What I want is to finish the fight early, whether it be with a knee, a knockout, a high kick or a submission. I imagine it will be on the ground, just like when I beat Fedor.”

“Many people have said that Cain Velasquez won’t be playing his usual game, that he’ll avoid the ground. I think he won’t avoid the ground. I think he’ll do his usual game, which is to strike on the feet, go for a takedown, and stay on top. But I’ve always felt at ease when doing jiu-jitsu.

“It’s a personal defense guard I learned here (in Porto Alegre). I defend myself well. So it will be a great opportunity if Cain Velasquez takes me to the ground, so I can catch him in a triangle, omoplata, or sweep him.”

– Transcription via MMAJunkie