Werdum Blames Brazilian Economy For Lack Of Brazilian UFC Champions

Fabricio Werdum

When Jose Aldo defended his featherweight title against Chad Mendes last month at UFC 179, he also defended his place as the sole UFC champion from Brazil.

Leading up to the bout many fighters and fans took note of Brazil’s decline from once holding 4 of 9 championships, down to just 1.

Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva blamed a lack of evolution in fighting style, however heavyweight #1 contender Fabricio Werdum believes that the Brazilian economy also plays a major role in the lack of Brazilian champions.

He spoke to Fox Sports about the situation through an interpreter.

“I don’t really agree with (what Silva said). Brazil, like Mexico, has some of the best fighters. There’s quantity and quality. A major contributor to the reason they don’t have titles is because they come from a humble background. They have to work to support their family and they cannot focus on just training.”

When Werdum steps into the cage to fight Mark Hunt for the interim heavyweight title on November 15th, he will be attempting to win another title for Brazil.

“It’s time for Brazil to take most of the titles back,”

“It’s very important to me, because I represent Brazil, I represent my city. I’m working for this title and I want to bring it back to Brazil. I’m sure I’m gonna get that belt.”

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