Weight specialist Lou Giordano offers service to BJ Penn and Johny Hendricks

BJ 'The Prodigy' Penn

Lou Giordano, a weight management specialist based in New Jersey has offered his service to recent Mike Dolce clients who were unhappy about Dolce’s weight and nutrition services. With both of those fighters being former UFC champions in BJ Penn and Johny Hendricks, there is a lot at stake in being the best you can possibly be come fight time.

Giordano spoke with Cage Pages on how many might compare Dolce to himself, with the two helping fighters get down to a specific weight.

“To be considered on the same playing field as Mike Dolce with what we do; I am not happy about it because we go about it totally different,” Giordano told Cage Pages. “I have been in the industry for fifteen years. You are always going to have people who are not happy, but when multiple former world-class champions, a guy like B.J. Penn who helped put the UFC on the map, multiple champions, you know, Johny Hendricks who is a world-class guy and a world-class fighter, come out saying what they are saying then obviously they are not happy with the services that he provided. There is a problem with that. To make it worse, Dolce blamed them and said they are lazy. They are lazy? You were hired and paid $1,000 a day and B.J. Penn said he has never felt worse. If I ever charged a client $1,000 a day and they never felt worse; I probably should look for a new profession.”

Giordano goes on to say that his methods are far different from Dolce’s both in their approach to the science and the outcome for the fighter on fight day. He is so adamant and confident in his style that he wants to put out an offer to the former champions.

“So, what I would like to do is tell B.J. Penn and tell Johny Hendricks to allow me to do a test weight cut for them,” explained Giordano. “Quote on quote weight cut because we are not going to cut weight; I am going to manage your weight and I am going to do it for free. It won’t cost you a dime. All it will cost you is your ear, your time, and you have to just listen to me and to hear me out.

“Lets do a trial run and then lets compare Dolce’s way vs. mine. I mean Mike and I can go back and forth arguing about who is better, but at the end of the day, it is the client that is going to feel the difference. I would like to extend my full services to Johny Hendricks and B.J. Penn, and for free. I want them to feel the difference. I can manage your weight from home. I do not need to be with you for four or five weeks. That is how good my program is and that is how I designed it. I made it so easy to follow so that I do not need to be there. So, Johny and B.J.; I will manage your weight for free!”

Do you think Lou Giordano can help the former champions get on their target weights, feeling good and able wash the bad taste Dolce left with them? Share your thoughts in the comment section PENN NATION!

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