Weidman: ‘I’m not letting a Juicehead take my belt’

weidman belfort

“He’s trying to take my belt. He’s been caught cheating and I’m not going to let a cheating juicehead take my belt.”

“I expect an even better Vitor Belfort. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise he’s off this stuff. Maybe he doesn’t have to worry about getting tired. I’m preparing for a Vitor we haven’t seen yet, a guy who isn’t afraid to go hard as he can right away and doesn’t have to worry about getting tired.

“A lot of times we’ve seen him freeze in big fights. Maybe he was freezing, because he’s a juicehead and he’s afraid of getting tired.”

“I’m going out there to completely dominate him. If I don’t completely go out there and smoke him and dominate him, it’s a loss in my eyes. … He’s a cheater. I want to completely destroy him.”


During yesterday’s special media day in Las Vegas, UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman discussed his upcoming title clash against Vitor Belfort.



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