Weidman Camp Against Third Fight With Silva

Chris Weidman

“I don’t want to see the fight. Me personally as a trainer, I don’t want to see the fight. And the guy is getting older. At this point, you have nothing to prove. I don’t get it. I don’t want to see the guy get hurt. You’re putting a talented, one of the greatest of all time, up against a strong, huge, fierce fighter. It’s not like Weidman is deficient in any area. He’s proven it. I don’t get it.And it should be vice versa. If Nick Diaz wins, then he should do it. I don’t like when they say one guy is gonna get it and one guy’s not.”

Weidman head coach, Ray Longo discussed the new talk that Anderson Silva could be back, and ready for another shot against Chris Weidman.

Quota Cred: MMAFighting.com