Weidman Reacts To Vitor Having Higher Testosterone Than Him

Chris Weidman interview


This Saturday, UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman finally gets to step into the octagon with challenger Vitor Belfort. Earlier this week, the out of competition test results came back for both challengers and Weidman thinks that Belfort’s numbers are a little out of the ordinary.

“Seriously? So I’m 30 and he’s what, 38? Screw the T-E levels, how does he go from 12 ng/ml to 5 ng/ml? That’s crazy,” Weidman said during UFC’s media day. “I’m not worried, I will still have to beat him anyway. It’s just funny and quite the discovery.”

While the champion is upset about the results, Belfort doesn’t see the big deal. “My tests are perfect. To be honest, the NAC runs the tests, mine were all right and so were his and here we are,” Belfort stated.

“The Phenom” received TRT exemptions for a couple years on his path to the UFC championship. He was forced to stop utilizing TRT after the commission banned exemptions for its use. “My condition, hypogonadism, means my glands do not produce testosterone anymore. There’s nothing I can do to change that. When I was on TRT, my levels were normal. But today, I’m not worried about it anymore, I’m focused on what I can control.”

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