WATCH! This NBA all-star cross trains MMA with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin linked up with UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone for some cross training. The two stars mixed up Griffin’s typical NBA workout regiment with “Cowboy” introducing the 6-foot-10 all-star to some grappling and striking.

“In basketball, there’s a lot of pushing, grabbing and shoving going on that nobody else sees,” Griffin said in a feature from Red Bull. “I thought it was awesome that he [Cerrone] customized his workout towards what’s gonna help me.”

Cerrone said Griffin has a lot of aptitude, not just on the court. “Anyone can throw the haymaker, crazy punch, but he was real straight and down the pipe,” the MMA star said. “He’s got talent.”

“I was impressed — they were real natural movements for him,” Cerrone said of Griffin. “I never realized how dirty you guys got out there [on the court].”

Griffin said the movements and things he learned from Cerrone he can take back with him on the court. “The stuff we learned can all translate so well to basketball,” he said. “Just learning those quick movements and being precise with the movements and being in control of your opponent — instead of letting him be in control of you.”

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