Wanderlei Silva Drug Tests Himself, Calls Out Belfort

Wanderlei Silva has been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism after running away from an NSAC drug testing last month. After a hearing with the NSAC Silva says he is ready to fight whenever the UFC calls on him. Silva joined Tatame.com to discuss his future with the UFC.

“I did the test on my own on June 6 to see if the corticoid and the diuretic had left my body. I did the testosterone rating test also. At my age, the normal level is 180 and I’m with 160. I’m absolutely clean and up to fight as soon as possible. I’m just waiting the UFC to say the day and the place. I’ll be ready to fight in two months.”

Tatame: Do you think that you had your image scratched by this situation?

“Not at all, I think the opposite. Everything was cleared, explained. I appeared in the hearing, admitted my mistake. Who is with me, understood. This controversy that went out in the internet was small, it was from a irrelevant half dozen of people. I have more people with me than against me. After that, I became more known. New people came to my gym, thank God. I’m in one of the most popular moments of my career.”

Tatame: Why did you take the diuretic?

“My elbow was too sore. I was taking a punch in the arm and paralysing myself. The anti-inflammatory medicine wasn’t working anymore. I took the corticoids and, according to my doctor, they were supposed to leave my body in a week or ten days. I started to retain liquid. I took the diuretic to eliminate the liquid quickly. Then, a guy from the commision appeared in my gym a month before my fight. I knew that I was going to fall in the test. For lay people, doesn’t matter what is it. If you fell, you were using doping. I had invested already about 40 thousand dollars in my preparation and other stuff. Nobody wants to know about this. My purse was going to be one of the biggest in the UFC history. I was the most affected with cancelation of this fight. Constructive criticism I can take, they are welcome. Criticism that are there just to hurt you, I pass. I know who I am and what I did. A friend is a friend and a motherfucker is a motherfucker.”

Tatame: What did you think about Sonnen’s decision of retirement?

It was that moment thing. He retired because he was going to stay a year out of competition but I think that he will come back. When this period has passed, he will be back and we will fight against each other.

Tatame: Who do you expect to fight when you come back to the octagon?

“I really wanted to fight Sonnen but he’s out. It could be Vitor Belfort, why not? He beats Chris Weidman and fight against me. Everybody wants to see this fight. I’m challenging the challenger. I would like also to face Luke Rockhold, he’s a good fighter, he’s coming from a good streak of wins and he’s a former Strikeforce champion. I think that a victory against him could put me in the line of the belt. It would be perfect in that card of October in Rio de Janeiro.”

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