USADA Drug Test Samples Could Be Tested Years Later

jeff nov

Cheaters beware, the UFC and USADA are looking to do everything in their power to catch every and all users.

While on UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast, UFC VP of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky talked about USADA’s methods, saying that they will be able to tests samples years later and retroactively bust fighters for using in the past.

Check it out!

“Even if there’s a new drug out there that scientists are saying there’s no test for, potentially, a couple of years down the line when there’s a test for it, we’d have the ability to test for that. Now, maybe that athlete’s no longer with the UFC or no longer competing, but there’s legacy and reputation at stake.”

Whoa. These guys don’t only want to get current cheaters, they’re looking to go after and challenge fighter’s legacy and reputation. So say someone tests negative for everything, then a few years down the road a new technology emerges that helps them test for a different drug they couldn’t before. They are going to go back and test old samples….that’s pretty intense. So we could run into a Lance Armstrong type of case where old samples were tested and he was busted.

Word to the wise, don’t cheat.
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