Urijah Faber: ‘I Would Never Touch PEDs’

Urijah Faber


As Urijah Faber gears up for his “UFC Fight Night: Manilla” bout against Frankie Edgar in May, he sounded off on the topic everyone has been talking about, PEDs.

Faber has been in the sport professionally for 12 years, and his bout with Edgar will mark his 40th professional fight. As a veteran of both the UFC, and the sport of MMA, he admits he is now skeptical about every fighter potentially using PEDs, but admits he has never, and will never, touch them himself.

“I can speak for myself only on this front, but I’ve never done any PEDs, nor would I think of ever doing any. I’m 35 years old. Two days before this fight, I’ll be turning 36. This will be my fortieth fight in the sport and I’ve never touched a drug or even thought about it, and I’ve given most people the benefit of the doubt until recently. Now I’m, like, skeptical about everyone. So I can speak for myself and say I’m representing the sport the way I think it should be, and that’s clean.”

– via MMAFighting