Undefeated UFC prospect Myles “Fury” Jury receives BJJ Black belt

As one of the breakout fighters of 2012-2013, UFC’s Myles “Fury” Jury has put his talents to the test in thirteen professional mixed martial arts bouts, four of which have been tested inside the ultimate proving grounds; the Octagon, and his perfect record has remained intact. Five of his thirteen wins have come by way of submission and another six by way of knock out.

The long-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner received the most prestigious reward for his years of hard work and dedication; a black belt.

Don Richard, a black belt under Master Caique, who has served as Jury’s Jiu Jitsu coach stated, “I have been teaching martial arts and training fighters for over twelve years and training most of my life starting with wrestling at age seven. In those 32 years I’ve seen a great number of talented athletes, but there was one who stood out more than all the others. That one was Myles Jury. Myles was a stand out not because he was strong, not because he was a naturally gifted athlete, not for any physical reason. He stood out because he was eager to learn and he understood timing and technique will win over strength and athleticism.”

In such a competitive sport such as mixed martial arts, a warriors weapons must remain sharp and the fighter must stay ahead of the curve. As the most prolific martial artist Bruce Lee encouraged: evolution is a must and one must take all styles and principals, adapt and utilize them to become the best. Jury, who has also been working hard to develop his own method of training and fighting (Jury Jiu Jitsu), which helps students put together kickboxing, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu along with transitions into each of them, has become a fighter who has embraced all elements of martial arts.

Richard continued, “Myles’ ability to apply those principles is astonishing. I have trained, trained with and fought some of the best grapplers, kick boxers and MMA fighters in the world and Myles is right up there with the best of them in all aspects of mixed martial arts. If you are looking for a curriculum to follow that will put you on the path to success in MMA. I recommend Myles and his Jury Jiu Jitsu program. Learn the techniques and strategies that have made Myles successful in the arena, on the mats and in life!”

Myles Jury began his martial arts career at twelve years old at a small school near where he was living with his mother in Fenton, MI. He first began training at Holly Martial Arts. Even at a young age, Myles had an incredible aptitude and rose quickly through the belts. After training for a year, Myles caught the attention of another instructor at Holly Martial Arts; Don Richard. Don Richard, now a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and former MMA champion, saw the potential in Myles and invited him to train under him. Myles jumped at the opportunity and just shy of his thirteenth birthday began training with Don and his students. Myles proved to be a natural talent in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and although Myles was small, he was able to hold his own in the academy with training partners much stronger and heavier than him. He advanced through the ranks and competed in local tournaments, usually winning quite decisively.

After doing Jiu Jitsu for awhile and doing well in tournaments Myles’ attention shifted towards the growing sport of MMA. Myles then joined the wrestling team at the recommendation of coach Don Richard, a former high school stand out wrestler. Also, Myles started training in MMA learning to put the striking, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu together. Myles continued to train and compete in wrestling and Jiu Jitsu for another year, doing very well in both areas.

At fifteen years old, Myles finally had an opportunity to try fighting MMA for the first time. There were some exhibition amateur fights taking place at a martial arts school nearby where many of the fighters in Michigan got their start. The rules were pretty tame by todays MMA standards, and the promoter of the event did a great job of matching up the fighters according to weight and experience. Often the fights were stopped whenever another fighter gained a clear advantage or at any sign of a cut or blood. This was a good event to gain experience. Myles asked coach Richard if he could fight and after careful consideration, agreed to let him see how he could do. Myles was matched up as fairly as possible but his opponent was still much older and ten pounds heavier. Confident in Myles’ grappling ability, Richard agreed to let the fight proceed. Myles made short work of his opponent to the amazement of all in attendance, finishing him in a submission known as the Kimura. From then it was clear Myles was destined to be a champion!

In Myles’ high school years Myles continued to rise through the ranks of Jiu Jitsu earning his purple belt. Also continuing wrestling Myles qualified for the State finals earning all state honors his senior year.

After high school, Myles began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts full-time. He received his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and worked his way through the regional scene. Following a season on the popular reality series: The Ultimate Fighter, Jury was awarded a multi-fight UFC contract. Now, an up an coming contender in the lightweight division, Jury has racked up wins over Michael Johnson, Mike Ricci, Ramsey Nijem, and Chris Saunders. Prior to joining the UFC, Jury was a King of the Cage mainstay, stopping every one of his opponents in the very first round.

His passion started with Caique Jiu Jitsu under Don Richard, and it has only grown, as he works hard each day learning and proving himself to be the new elite Jiu Jitsu black belt. This is a great accomplishment for a martial artist, and without a doubt, Jury will not only embrace this honor, he will also give back to the students that he has the opportunity to teach.

Congratulations, Myles!


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