UFC’s Tim Kennedy: ‘There’s a crazy PED Problem in MMA’

TIm Kennedy

“There’s a crazy problem. The inevitable is gonna happen and where somebody is going to get seriously hurt and the person that caused that is gonna test positive and then the sport is … ”

“I’m talking about like something horrible, maybe even something gone wrong where a bad drug is used and something happens to the athlete before the fight and now his kidneys are failing and his liver is failing,” Kennedy said. “Guess what? That’s what happens when you use steroids. So yeah, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

“I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened yet. If you look at the number of athletes using and some of the fantastic finishes. It doesn’t even have to be a horrible injury. It can just be a knockout and the guy comes in and tests positive. That in itself. That guy just got a serious amount of damage done to his brain done by a dude who is using steroids. We’re not putting balls in holes. We’re not playing golf. We’re not playing basketball. We’re not hitting balls out of a park. We’re hitting each other in the head and then we have guys using anabolic steroids and testosterone and HGH.”

During a new interview with “The MMA Hour“, top UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy addressed his concerns with performance enhancing drugs (PEDS) in the sport of MMA.