UFC Women’s Bantamweight: ‘Homophobia is everywhere in Brazil’

Jessica Andrade Wins

“I hope Brazil follow this decision. I watched interviews with Brazilians that live in the United States, and they say they were never mistreated for being homosexuals. Here in Brazil, homophobia is everywhere. If Brazil looked up to good things that other countries do, it would become a better place. I’m not talking about homosexuals only, but for everything else. Brazil is an example for bad things, but I hope it changes one day. I hope Brazil wakes up and tries to change. Our country can be way better.”

“I was happy to see that. It’s freedom. You can be whoever you are without fearing being judged. People now can live their lives without fear, even though prejudice will never go away. There will always be someone like that, but it’s changing.”

UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Jessica Andrade talked to MMAFighting about the recent Supreme Court ruling in the United States that made same-sex marriage legal in all states.

Andrade is openly gay and was ecstatic that the ruling was passed, but wishes her home country of Brazil would follow along. Andrade says the judgment and mistreatment of homosexuals in the country is terrible and she hopes the country can see what the U.S. has done and change its ways.

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