UFC Vet: ‘I Made More Sitting In Jail, Than At Work’


“People are like what’s wrong with manual labor? Man, I’m doing it. What do you mean what’s wrong with it? I just don’t make as much as what it would be to sit in jail. That’s just the way it was. It was more economical for me to go to jail than it was to work.”

“A lot of fans are talking about, ‘Well you made this money, you made that money’. Yeah, I made money at one time, but everybody forgets your manager gets 20 percent, your trainer wherever you’re at gets 20 percent. If you have somebody doing your sponsors, they get 20 percent when they get you a sponsor.

“It’s not that glamorous. People forget also, there are taxes on all this money, too. Then I’ve got child support that gets paid. Everything gets paid.”

Oh how the world can be so messed up sometimes. Last week news came out of former UFC fighter Bubba McDaniel choosing to spend time in jail because he couldn’t afford to pay a traffic ticket.

McDaniel came forward and talked more about the situation to MMFighting, saying that it was actually economically smarter to sit in jail then to go to work. Still want to be a UFC fighter?


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