UFC on FOX 16 Results: Bryan Caraway Picks Up The UD Win Over The Tough Wineland

Bryan Caraway

Caraway wins

In the first fight on the FOX prelims Bryan Caraway took on Eddie Wineland.

Wineland got in Caraway’s face right away, he didn’t even tough gloves. Wineland feinted a few times then threw a kick that Caraway caught. Caraway tried to get the fight to the ground and did for a moment before Wineland got to his feet. Caraway tried to hold on to the clinch but Wineland got free. Wineland showed off impressive head movement, ducking out of the way of Caraway’s punches. Caraway again tried for a takedown but Wineland kept it standing. Wineland did a good job avoiding punches but also didn’t do much as far as offense went. He did manage to land a pretty good knee in the clinch at the end of the round.

In the second Wineland came out a little more active, landing jabs and moving out of the way of Caraway’s punches. Caraway finally connected with a big overhand right that he’d been throwing. Again Caraway landed with that big right hand. Moments after that he went for a takedown but failed again. Still Wineland was doing a lot of movement and feints but not connecting or even attempting very much. They clinched briefly and Caraway landed several punches before they broke away. Caraway started telling him to bring it late in the round. They clinched when Caraway went for a takedown and again Wineland managed to shrug it off.

Caraway came out like a man possessed in the third round. He ran right to Wineland and started swinging. After some moving around on the feet, Caraway again tried for a takedown and failed, but did land a few punches in the clinch before breaking away. Wineland connected with a big right hand with about two minutes left in the round. With about one minute and twenty seconds left Caraway tried for a takedown. He got Wineland on the cage but Wineland reversed and took control. Then they broke away and went back to striking. Tough fight to score. Caraway seemed to land the heavy punches when he did connect, but Wineland brushed off almost all the takedowns and landed a few nice shots himself.

RESULT: Caraway wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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