UFC Heavyweight Says Head Kick Made Him Lose Vision For Weeks

Josh Copelan

“Instantly everything turned completely white. I was blind in that eye for a couple of a weeks,” he said. “You always think going in there, worst-case scenario you’re going to break a bone or get knocked out or whatever. You don’t really think of losing your eyesight. (Friend and cornerman) Justin Wren basically told me not to lie any more, because in there (the cage) I didn’t want them to call the fight. So I did my best to play off it, (say) that I could see out of it. So that way I could keep fighting and hopefully catch him. I’m a fighter. It’s kind of tough to take an easy way out, I guess. If I was sitting here blind in my left eye right now and you asked me that question, then of course the answer’s going to be yes … but looking back at it now, I was definitely glad I was able to go.”

In a new interview with Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press, UFC heavyweight Josh Copeland walked us through an instance where an in-Octagon head kick left him blind in one eye.