UFC FN 68 Results: Jordan lands big heel kick, finishes Lewis with punches

Shawn Jordan
A heavyweight bout finished up tonight’s prelim fights, as Derrick Lewis (12-3 MMA) took on Shawn Jordan (17-6 MMA).

“The Black Beast” came out swinging to start the fight, chasing Shawn Jordan across the octagon while throwing some huge right hands. Lewis pressured Jordan against the cage but Shawn was able to scramble free. Jordan scored a trip to take the fight to the ground, but Lewis bounced back to his feet almost immediately. Big spinning kick attempted by Lewis but Jordan was able to move out of the way. “The Black Beast” missed with a huge right hand, which allowed Jordan to duck under and score a takedown. Jordan was able to land some decent elbows from the top, before Lewis eventually scrambled back to his feet. Final minute and both men are throwing bombs. Jordan was able to land another big right hand and used that momentum to get another takedown on Lewis. Shawn landed a few solid elbows from side control to close out Round 1.

Lewis started round two by throwing a knee. Jordan replied with a heel kick that landed flush sending the big man crashing to the canvas. Jordan quickly jumped on top and began unloading shots on Lewis. Seconds later and the referee had clearly seen enough, as he jumped in to stop the fight.

RESULTS: Shawn Jordan wins via TKO at 0:48 of Round 2

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