UFC FN 61 Results: Dwyer KOs Macario with a Superman Punch!

Matt Dwyer Wins

Even though he was fighting on enemy turf, the crowd rallied behind Matt Dwyer after he knocked his opponent out with a beautiful Superman Punch!

As Macario was looking to land a left hook, Dwyer cut him off with a superman punch that ended it all! The punch landed directly on Macario’s temple and he could not find his footing before falling face first on the canvas. Instead of trying to get up, Macario simply covered his head as he expected Dwyer to dive on him.

Dwyer eventually hopped on his back and landed three shots before the referee stepped in and waved it all off. This may be the first time in the octagon that a superman punch caused a knockout!

Matt Dwyer def. William Macario by way of TKO (Punches) 3:14 of Round 1