UFC Fight Night 65 Results: Stipe Miocic Batters And Beats Mark Hunt, Gets TKO Stoppage In Final Round

Miocic WINS

The main event bout between UFC heavyweights Mark Hunt and Stipe Miocic just went down.

The big guys touched gloves and the action began. After a few exchanges Miocic shot in for a takedown. He got Hunt down briefly but they got right back to their feet. Hunt landed a few good left hooks. Miocic used jabs and quick punches to try and keep Hunt at bay. Hunt looked to land his big shots. Miocic again took the fight to the ground, this time landing in half-guard.

Miocic looked to land short elbows form that position and keep Hunt down. Hunt really looked helpless with Miocic on top, but eventually managed to somehow get to his feet before the round ended. The first round went to Miocic.

Miocic’s jab landed often at the start of round 2. It was obvious Hunt was struggling with finding the range of his punches. Miocic again took the fight to the ground. Hunt tried to get up against the cage but Miocic kept him from getting up. When Hunt did get up the crowd went wild, but things still weren’t going well for Hunt who continued to get battered by Miocic’s punches. Miocic put Hunt’s back on the cage in the clinch. Hunt was breathing heavy while Miocic still looked fresh. At the 10 second mark Hunt landed a big punch but Miocic just shoved him away when the round ended. Another round for Miocic.

Hunt looked visibly exhausted at the start of the 3rd, but did land a good punch early. Shortly after that he found himself on the mat again with Miocic on top in half-guard. Miocic poured on the short elbows and ground and pound. Hunt struggled to get himself up against the cage. He finally got up, then Miocic jumped in and took him down again. Miocic got in mount and began raining down strikes. The referee game him plenty of chances to escape and he did manage to get out of mount, but Miocic stayed on top in side control, peppering him with strikes. Hunt walked back to his corner at the end of the round but looked like he was ready to drop dead.

Round 4 started with Hunt doing his best to move forward, until Miocic ducked down and threw Hunt to the mat. Miocic again went to half-guard and used his short elbows and punches to tire Hunt out even more. Miocic just smothered Hunt, doing his best to keep Hunt from getting up. Hunt got to his feet after a while and Miocic made him pay with a big left hand. Clinched against the cage, Miocic landed knees to the body of Hunt. Miocic probably won that round 10-8.

The doctor checked on Hunt in between rounds to make sure he could still see through his swollen eye. The fight continued and of course Miocic took the fight down right away. Miocic continued to ride Hunt out and pepper him with short punches. The crowd booed and chanted stand them up, but Miocic did enough to justify staying on the ground. Miocic started a relentless stream of punches to the downed Hunt. The referee gave Hunt plenty of chances to get up or move but he was unable to so the referee stopped the fight in the fifth.

RESULTS: Stipe Miocic wins via TKO stoppage at 2:47 of round 5

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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