UFC Declares War On PEDs — Spending Millions, Seeking Longer, Harsher Penalties To Clean Up MMA

ufc president

UFC officials held a special press-conference, today in Las Vegas, to announce an aggressive new stance on Performance Enhancing Drugs.

The media event took place from the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. Company President Dana White, CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, and COO Lawrence Epstein detailed the new policies and explained the potential punishments for athletes.

Starting July 1, 2015, all 585 contracted UFC fighters will be subjected to random out-of-competition testing, and the company plans on working with governing bodies to increase the suspension terms starting with a range of 2-4 years for first-time offenders.

“For the good of the sport, for the integrity of the sport, for what we’re trying to do here, we needed to address this issue ASAP,” echoed Lorenzo Fertitta.

Fertitta also stated that under the new policy, due to the minimum suspension terms the UFC is seeking, champions who fail their drug tests will likely be stripped of their world title.

The promotion has no budget for this increased testing, and while they admit it will cost them “Millions”, Fertitta was quick to clear up that they will spend “whatever it takes.”

This new aggressive stance on Performance Enhancing Drugs comes on the heels of several recent, and high-profile, drug testing failures in the UFC.