UFC 192 Results: Cormier And Gustafsson Go To War, DC Retains Title With Split Decision

Daniel Cormier

In the night’s main event, champion Daniel Cormier looked to defend his UFC light heavyweight title against challenger Alexander Gustafsson.

They touched gloves and got to work. Gustafsson looked to use his length and jab right away. They exchanged for a little while, then Cormier got him against the cage, grabbed him, picked him up and tossed him down. Cormier went down and took top control. Cormier worked from Gustafsson’s full guard. Gustafsson did a good job keeping him tight to his body. Cormier was able to get to side control, but then Gustafsson was able to get to his feet.

Gustafsson started landed some really nice kicks, to the leg and body. Right at the end of the round Cormier went for a kick, slipped then stood up and they both exchanged some punches in the clinch.

In the second round Gustafsson really started to connect with his punches. Gustafsson shot in and got a takedown on Cormier, who then got up quickly and broke away. Cormier caught Gustafsson during an exchange. They started going at it. Gustafsson was landing on the outside but they got in a clinch and DC landed several big uppercuts. Gustafsson ate them, then fired back with a combo of his own. Cormier landed a big right hand. With about 20 seconds left Gustafsson shot in and got another takedown before the round ended.

Gustafsson lands a nice right early in the third. They exchanged and Gustafsson connected with a big uppercut. Cormier then landed a huge right hand that busted Gustafsson’s nose. Cormier got a hold of the clinch and landed more big uppercuts. Gustafsson started landing a nice jab. Again Gustafsson got caught in the clinch and hit with massive uppercuts. Gustafsson caught Cormier with a big knee that stunned him, then landed a punch and Comrier went down for a moment. He was hurt. Gustafsson tried to capitalize, but Cormier clinched up until the round ended.

In the fourth Gustafsson came out and landed several nice kicks, to body and leg. Cormier than started to land. Gustafsson turned his back and started moving away and Cormier followed behind him, catching him with punches from behind. Cormier again landed big uppercuts in the clinch. Going in to the fifth round it was really close.

Again in the fifth it was Cormier constantly walking Gustafsson down. Gustafsson landed a big right hand early. Cormier fired back, connecting. Every time Cormier connected, Gustafsson would turn his back and basically run away. There was a lot of clinching and close striking in the fifth round. Cormier connected with more big uppercuts. Such a good fight. Close fight.

RESULT: Cormier wins via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-46)

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