UFC 191 Results: Andrei ‘The Pitbull’ Arlovski Does Enough To Beat Frank Mir

UFC heavyweights and former champions Andrei Arlovski and Frank Mir battled it out to see who would get closer to a title shot.

Arlovski landed a nice right, then Mir clinched and pushed him to the cage. They separated and returned to striking. Arlovski used his jab, throwing it out there often. Then Mir pushed him to the cage again, and looked to clinch. Arlovski got away and went back to center. Arlovski landed a nice leg kick, the Mir again pushed him to the cage.

Arlovski got away and circled back to the center. Mir continued to look for the clinch. Arlovski landed a nice knee when they broke away.

In the second round Mir moved in early and got the single leg takedown. From there he worked in Arlovski’s full guard. The referee eventually stood them up.

Arlovski landed a nice body kick before Mir tried to clinch again. They broke away again. Mir stated to taunt, just standing in front of Arlovsk and nodding his head. Arlovski got him on the cage right before the round ended.

I the third it was Arlovski who got Mir clinched on the cage. At one point Arlovski fell and Mir jumped on him. Arlovksi looked to grab a kimura, but Arlovski got up and to his feet. Arlovski started connecting. He landed a good left hand, then he eventually got Mir on the cage with about thirty seconds left. The fight ended and they embraced in a hug.

RESULT: Arlovski wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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