UFC 189 Results: Louis Smolka Impresses On the Ground, Earns A Unanimous Decision


smolka wins

In the second fight of the night Neil Seery took on Louis Smolka.

Smolka came in and landed a few nice kicks right away. Seery landed a good right hand. The referee calls a timeout and warns both fighters to watch the headbutt.

They restart and right away Smolka gets dropped by Seery. Seery rushed in and tried to capitalize. The fight went to the ground. Form the bottom Seery locked in a guillotine. After a little while Seery let go. From there Smolka moved and grabbed Seery’s neck. From half guard he wrapped up Seery’s neck and squeezed. Smolka then switched to a standing choke, then switched to a darce choke. It looked pretty tight. Smolka was still in half guard. Smolka finally freed his leg and moved to mount. Smolka started landing big punches, Seery rolled and gave up his back. The round ended.

In round two Smolka lands a few body kicks early. They clinch up and Seery jumps on the back briefly, Smolka steps over and gets free. They stand up against the cage and Smolka tries for a takedown. Seery rolls out and gets up, Smolka stays on him and gets another takedown. Seery tried for an armbar, but failed. Smolka managed to take the back. They both worked hard, both to attack and defend. Smolka worked to get the choke, while Seery did a great job defending the choke. Seery gets to his feet with Smolka on his back, then they drop back down, Smolka still on top. Great grappling!

In the third Seery comes out swinging. He lands a good left hand. Smolka goes down and gets the takedown. Seery threatens with an omoplata. They stand up. Smolka lands a good left hand. Smolka goes for a takedown, Seery sprawls and gets free. Smolka shows off some fancy moves but Seery still gets to his feet. Then Seery went for a standing guillotine, then dropped and locked it in. It was tight but Smolka got free. From there Smolka worked on top and started working for submissions. Smolka looked to have an arm triangle locked up. He let it go and took mount, then took the back. Seery survived. Smolka slammed him back down to the mat. Seery tired for a guillotine again. He was unable to get it. Smolka was free. Smolka and Seery went to their feet, just to have Smolka pick Seery up and slam him down. Right at the end of the fight Smolka has an arm triangle locked up. Seery survived.

RESULT: Smolka wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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