UFC 189 Results: Conor McGregor AKA Mystic Mac, Gets TKO Finish In Round 2

Conor McGregor 145

mcgregor wins

The main event for the the interim featherweight title between Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor just went down at UFC 189.

Even before the fight started McGregor was talking to Mendes in the cage, Mendes just laughed at him.

McGregor literally ran to Mendes and threw a spinning kick. Mendes briefly got the fight down, but Conor go to his feet. Mendes went for a takedown, but Conor defended. Conor kept talking, and landed a few spinning kicks. Conor landed a nice right and Mendes smiled. Mendes leapt forward forward and landed nice punch. Mendes shot in and got a nice slam takedown. In went into Conor’s full guard and landed a big punch. He let Conor up. Mendes started landing big shots. Conor used his reach, landing kicks to the body. Conor had a cut above his eye. Mendes got the fight to the ground again. Mendes got into the crucifix position briefly, but Conor got out. Mendes kept top position. Mendes landed some big shots from the top. Conor was bleeding pretty bad, but still talking from the bottom. Chad won that round.

Conor still kept the antics going in the second. Conor goes for a jumping kick. Spinning kick lands for Conor. Mendes shoots in but Conor sprawls. Conor starts landing clean punches to the face of Mendes. Mendes lands another big takedown. Mendes started working from the guard. Mendes started landing big elbows. Mendes repeatedly landed big shots from the top. Conor really didn’t do much to try and get up or reverse. Mendes kept landing big shots. Conor tried to land elbows from the bottom. The referee warned about standing them up. Mendes stayed in full guard and kept attempting a strike every so often. Mendes went for a guillotine. Conor got out and stood up. Right away Conor started landing big shots. Mendes looked tired. Conor caught him with a left that dropped him. Conor jumped on him and started pounding¬†until the referee stopped the fight.

RESULT: McGregor wins via TKO at 4:57 of round 2

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