UFC 187 Results: Justin Scoggins Kicks His Way To A Unanimous Decision

Justin Scoggins WINS

The first fight of the night took place in the flyweight division, with Justin Scoggins taking on Josh Sampo.

Scoggins and Sampo came into the fight both having lost two straight. Scoggins came out threw his spinning kicks right away. Hopping around on his feet, in his karate style stance, Scoggins landed several more kicks to the body of Sampo. Sampo looked to close the distance but had trouble getting a hold of Scoggins. Sampo threw his own that was blocked by Scoggins. Sampo shot in for a takedown but Scoggins used solid defense to avoid getting taken down. Sampo came in quick with a punch that looked to land. Scoggins began pouring on more kicks to the body and leg. In the first round Scoggins definitely looked to be the faster fighter and his movement helped him avoid any real damage.

In the second Scoggins landed another side body kick right away. A nice spinning body kick landed for Scoggins as Sampo tried to come in for a clinch. It was getting crazy with the amount of kicks Scoggins was throwing. Scoggins landed a clean front kick to the face, but Sampo continued forward unaffected. Scoggins threw a body kick and Sampo was able to time it right to move in and get ahold of him. The two scrambled to the cage, but ultimately, Scoggins broke away. Sampo really tried hard to close that distance. At one point he again went for a takedown but Scoggins broke away from the clinch.

Right away at the start of the third round Sampo tried to clinch for a takedown, but was unable to hold on to Scoggins. Scoggins landed a beautiful head kick that looked to freeze Sampo for a brief second. Sampo tried to jump in with a big right hand but it was blocked for the most part. Sampo caught a kick and forced Scoggins to the ground, landing in his full guard. Sampo tried to land short shots and posture up, but Scoggins kept him close to his chest. Sampo pushed him to the cage and eventually Scoggins got to his feet. Scoggins ducked under with 20 seconds left and took Sampo down. The fighters quickly got to their feet, where the fight ended.

RESULTS: Justin Scoggins wins via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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