UFC 186 Results: Rakoczy Is Now 1-5 After Loss to Letourneau

Valerie Letourneau WINS

Letourneau and Rakoczy had a back-and-forth war for three rounds where either woman could have gained the upperhand at any given moment. Letourneau looked crisper, but Rakoczy would stumble into these situations where she dished out some impressive offense.

Letourneau was able to bust up Rakoczy’s eye as well as threaten a triangle choke and straight armbar in the first. Rakoczy never looked out of the fight, but it was obvious if the fight went to decision it would be Letourneau’s.

The fight was in danger of being waved off by the doctor in between the second and third rounds when he came in to look at Rackoczy’s eye. Her eye had swollen shut at this point and prior to talking to the doctor she told her corner she could not see. However, when the doctor asked she told him she could see and he allowed the fight to continue. She is lucky he didn’t do a vision-test.

Rakoczy was never able to finish the fight in the third and Letourneau gained full mount to cap off an impressive decision win.

Valerie Letourneau def. Jessica Rakoczy by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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