UFC 169 Results: Trujillo Knocks Varner Out Cold in Round 2, Likely Earns KOTN

Abel Trujillo and Jamie Varner kicked off the pay-per-view tonight and after such a lackluster preliminary card, it was refreshing to see some exciting action take place inside the octagon.

Jamie Varner had to cut thirty pounds this week in order to make weight yesterday, but it did not seem to effect his performance tonight. He stayed within Trujillo’s striking area and they traded three or four shots each time they got within distance. It was exciting until Varner took Trujillo down in the middle of the first one, then it got really exciting.

Varner got into position to lock in a north/south choke and Trujillo was battling to let air in his body. Varner had it locked in for over a minute and Trujillo did a good job spinning out of it.

They got back to their feet and swung for the fences much like they were early on in the round. This short exchange brought the crowd to life and a smile to my face for the first time since the Iaquinta/Lee fight.

The action continued in the second when Varner knocked Trujillo on queer street with a big right hand. Trujillo was pinned against the octagon and Varner was firing off and just when it looked like he was about to fall down, Trujillo would crack him with a huge shot.

Trujillo was on the verge of defeat when Varner cocked his hand for a wild shot and Trujillo caught him with a brutal right hook! Varner was out before his lifeless body slammed on the canvas.

Abel Trujillo def. Jamie Varner by way of KO (Punch) 2:32 of Round 2

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