‘UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva II’ Preliminary Card Play-By-Play and Live Results

Tonight on pay-per-view the UFC brings us their annual year-end blockbuster with ‘UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva II’.

In typical fashion, BJPENN.COM will be bringing fight fans live and up-to-the-minute updates from the evenings action.

If you cannot make the BJPENN.COM free prelims broadcast or the rest of the fight card just follow along with us here for your blow-by-blow and round-by-round updates.

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UFC 168 Preliminary Card Results:
Robbie Peralta defeated Estevan Payan by way of KO (Punches) :12 of Round 3
William Macario defeated Bobby Voelker by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
John Howard defeated Siyar Bahadurzada by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Dennis Siver defeated Manny Gamburyan by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Michael Johnson defeated Gleison Tibau by way of TKO (Punches) 1:32 of Round 2


Round 1 – Peralta gets in a good left hand early on and lands a takedown. Peralta is on top in half-guard and has his hand on the trachea of Payan. Payan makes his way up and they are in a clinch against the cage; Peralta is leaning on Payan. Referee wants them to work. Peralta lands another takedown. Peralta lands a decent right while he’s in Payan’s half guard. Payan bucks out on the bottom while Peralta tries to mount him. Payan is now in side control on top of Peralta. Good job by Payan. Payan is landing short elbows; nothing too special. Payan is attacking the body with elbows. He postures up and lands a hammerfist to the head of Peralta. Payan is attacking the body hard and with Peralta trying to muscle out, he could tire out by the second round. Look for Payan to keep the fight standing with sprawls in round two. 10-9 Payan.

Round 2 – They meet in the middle of the cage and it looks like we’re back to the standing game now. Payan lands a kick low. Peralta throws some wild punches and Payan counters with a quick left hook. Payan almost lands a head kick but Peralta just blocks it. Peralta lands a leg kick. Peralta goes for another kick which allows Payan to get close and attempt a takedown. Peralta gets swept and is on the ground again with Payan on top in side control. This is the same position we were in for most of the second round. Peralta scoots out of side control and gets to half guard. This isn’t stopping Payan from posturing up and slamming his fist into Peralta’s face. Peralta has Payan in full guard. Peralta gets back to his feet but eats a right hook. They’re pretty even in total strikes landed but Payan is landing the more effective strikes. Peralta grapples Payan and has him pressed against the cage. Payan turns the table and ends the round pressing Peralta against the cage. 10-9 Payan.

Round 3 – They exchange a flurry of punches in the middle of the octagon and Payan backs up. He eats a series of brutal punches and collapses to the mat! Payan is down and Peralta is victorious!

Robbie Peralta defeated Estevan Payan by way of KO (Punches) :12 of Round 3


Round 1 – Voelker opens up with a one-two combination which lands. Macario isn’t backing down. Macario lands an inside leg kick. Voelker just misses an overhand right. Short right hand from Macario and Voelker is backing up. Macario lands a body shots but Voelker lands a couple nice punches that forces Macario to back up. Voelker’s nose is broken. Macario has Voelker pressed against the fence and is landing technical punches and knees to the body. Voelker is landing combos to the body but they’re not really effective. Voelker is rubbing his nose a lot… he must not used to broken noses. Big right hand from Macario that backs Voelker up against the fence. Macario is picking Voelker apart on the fence. Voelker is throwing enough counter shots to keep Macario at bay while they’re in the middle of the octagon. Nice takedown from Macario. Voelker pops right back up but is still pressed against the fence. Macario is landing 4 shots for every 1 of Voelker’s at this pace. Nice lead jab from Voelker. Leg kick from Macario. Voelker has whiffed most of his shots from a distance. 10-9 Macario.

Round 2 – Voelker just misses with an overhand right. Macario is mixing it up and is attacking the body from a distance with a lead jab. Voelker is putting pressure on Macario right now which is good because Macario isn’t landing as many strikes as he was. Macario lands a takedown with ease. But like before, Voelker gets up with no issues. Voelker and Macario are swapping shots more often now which is an improvement from the first round for the American. Macario lands an elbow and Voelker is busted open. Macario lands a right hand and a kick to the body and Voelker is messed up. His back is against the cage again and Macario is picking his shots. Goldy just said he is landing 70% of his shots tonight which is amazing considering most of them are from a distance. The referee pauses the fight to look at the cut. The doctor says he is okay and we are back underway. They exchange lead jabs. Voelker landed a left hook but Macario is fine. Voelker sees that his head is bleeding like a faucet so he’s turning the action up. He’s pressing the action but he’s not landing much. Macario shoots for a takedown as the round ends and gets it. 10-9 Macario

Round 3 – Voelker senses he is in danger and goes right to the middle of the octagon. He lands a nice left-right combination as Macario backs off of him from the clinch. Macario has landed 64% of his strikes this fight. Amazing. Macario lands a left straight and Voelker is bleeding heavily again. Clean shots from Macario as he checks a kick. Voelker’s corner is pleading with him to finish the round early and he’s not throwing anything that’s going to please them. Accidental poke to the eye of Voelker and we resume quickly. Macario counters a wild uppercut with a left hook. Spinning elbow from Macario lands on the top of Voelker’s head. Nice jab to the body of Voelker. Oblique kicks from Macario. Macario is one of the most impressive fighters I’ve seen in a very long time. We’re back in the middle of the octagon and I don’t see anything great happening for Voelker from here on out… thirty seconds left. Macario keeps stopping Voelker with body shots quickly followed up by a jab to the head. Voelker is looking for a knockout now with ten seconds left but it’s too little too late. 10-9 Macario.

William Macario defeated Bobby Voelker by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Round 1 – They go to the middle of the octagon and are hesitant to strike. Doom checks a Bahadurzada leg kick. Doom gets a right hand in and gets out of the way of a Bahadurzada counter. Bahadurzada throws a quick high kick but Doom blocks it. Doom just misses a big right hand. Bahadurzada just whiffs on three or four punches. Bahadurzada presses Doom against the cage but he’s not doing much in terms of offense. Knee to the body from Bahadurzada. Another one to the liver and Doom turns things around. Bahadurzada spins off the cage and they’re separated. Doom checks another leg kick but he’s not looking active. Doom whiffs on a left hook. Both fighters are throwing a bit sloppy. Doom lands a big takedown and lands in Bahadurzada’s half guard. Bahadurzada gives up his back but Doom only has one hook in. Bahadurzada stands up and Doom falls off. He shoots for another takedown but Bahadurzada defends it. Bahadurzada is throwing big combinations but Doom lands a left hand that stops Bahadurzada in his tracks. 10-9 Bahadurzada

Round 2 – Big left hook from Bahadurzada! Doomsday lands a big shot of his own but Bahadurzada got the best of that exchange. Bahadurzada eats a right hook from Doomsday. Left hook from Doomsday. Doomsday has Bahadurzada in a clinch and is landing uppercuts in the dirty boxing. They separate. Bahadurzada presses Doomsday against the fence and takes him down with ease. Someone farts. Delicious. They stand back up after inactivity. Bahadurzada lands a knee as Doomsday goes down for a takedown. Doomsday keeps pressing and pushes Bahadurzada against the cage. They make it back to the middle of the octagon and the action is slowing down a lot. Doomsday is breathing heavily and they’re both very tired. They’re exchanging sig. strikes in the clinch. Bahadurzada is landing knees to the body as well as punches while Doomsday is landing dirty boxing uppercuts. Doomsday presses Bahadurzada against the fence and picks him up like a child and slams him on his back and head. Ouch. Bahadurzada pops right back up and is pressed against the cage again. Horn sounds. 10-9 Doomsday

Round 3 – Bahadurzada is flat on his feet as he makes it to the middle of the octagon. Doomsday sees how tired he is and is looking to trip him for a takedown attempt. Doomsday lands a flurry of punches that did not get blocked. Bahadurzada is in bad shape, taking big breaths and we aren’t even halfway through the round. We’re back in the clinch where Bahadurzada is landing knees to the body and Doomsday is landing knees in the clinch. Doomsday lands a takedown and is in Bahadurzada’s guard. Doomsday is postured over Bahadurzada and is blasting him with punches. Bahadurzada escapes danger by ultimately giving up half guard. Doomsday transitions to full mount and he flattest out Bahadurzada’s legs. Bahadurzada gives up his back and Doomsday has the hooks locked in! With a minute left we could see a rear naked choke happen. Doomsday isn’t really working for anything though. Bahadurzada has Doomsday hand locked up and Doomsday is too tired to wiggle it free for a submission attempt. Doomsday is gonna ride this position to victory. 10-9 Doomsday

John Howard defeated Siyar Bahadurzada by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Round 1 – Gamburyan is being very aggressive and Siver is countering well. They’re both very active. Nice takedown from Siver. Gamburyan is looking for an armbar. Siver escapes danger and is in Gamburyan’s guard. Gamburyan pivots his hips and looks for a leg lock which leads to a scramble. Siver escapes danger and Gamburyan gets back to his feet; we’re back at distance standing in the middle of the octagon. Big right hand from Siver. Siver counterpunches Gamburyan’s strong right with a left straight and it lands. Gamburyan misses a spinning back kick to the body. Gamburyan just misses an overhand right but follows it up with a takedown. Gamburyan goes for a kneebar but Siver postures over him and is slamming punches down. Siver has a body triangle locked in and Gamburyan stands up. Siver has a chance of getting a backpack rear naked choke. The horn sounds and the round ends with Siver in a dominant position. 10-9 Siver

Round 2 – Siver lands an inside leg kick right at the start of the round. Gamburyan got stunned and hurt after taking a serious punch. Gamburyan gets back up to his feet and invites more strikes, Siver obliges. Siver follows it up with some more brutal leg kicks. Gamburyan has landed five strikes while Siver has landed seventy. Gamburyan lands a takedown and he’s in Siver’s guard. Gamburyan isn’t doing much while on top. He has landed one elbow on top. Siver got busted open by the elbow and Gamburyan starts throwing some more elbows. Siver gets back to his feet but the damage has been done; Gamburyan is winning this round right now. Spinning back heel kick lands for Gamburyan, but it was weak. Good four punch combination from Siver. Gamburyan lands a nice takedown and lands right in half guard. Siver is trying to cage-walk up but Gamburyan is doing a good job of keeping his weight on him and keeping him down. Three nice short elbows from Gamburyan. This won him the round. 10-9 Gamburyan

Round 3 – Gamburyan opens the round with a spinning back kick but it gets cut off and he falls to the ground. It was a trip, so he popped right back up. Siver is more active in his striking now. So active in fact that Gamburyan just took a kick to the nads. Ouch. Siver lands a takedown after the fight resumes. Overhand right from Siver lands and he’s looking to transition to half-guard. Siver is punching the body and Gamburyan is looking for guillotines and kimuras. Gamburyan is very active with submissions on the bottom but it’s no happening. Siver is defending brilliantly. He’s walking into submissions, but once he’s in danger he escapes easily. Siver is in half guard and transitions right away to Gamburyan’s back. He only has one hook in. He now has the body lock in on the wrong side. They’re playing a game of chess by defending and attacking the rear naked choke. Gamburyan is defending well but Siver is persistent. Siver has abandoned the attempt and is now peppering Gamburyan with punches from the back. Gamburyan is just moving his arms around and isn’t really attempting to get out of the bad position he’s in. Ten seconds left and it looks like this is Siver’s round. 10-9 Siver

Dennis Siver defeated Manny Gamburyan by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Round 1 – Johnson lands a jab to the body. Tibau backs off after Johnson misses a jab. Inside leg kick gets checked by Tibau. Tibau lands a nice shot on Johnson. Tibau checks another leg kick. They exchange right straights. Tibau presses Johnson against the cage but they separate and are back in the middle now. Inside leg kick from Johnson. Johnson lands a nice right hand and wobbles Tibau. Tibau gets his composure back and lands a shot himself. Johnson land a right straight and Tibau lands a jab to the body. Right jab from Johnson lands and a left hook follows up. Tibau grapples Johnson and pushes him against the cage again. It looks like he’s going to work Johnson down and tire him out for later on in the fight. Johnson lands a knee to the body. Horn sounds. 10-9 Johnson

Round 2 – Tibau lands an outside leg kick and that’s the first important shot of the round. Johnson lands a jab to the body. He’s changing levels well. Tibau misses a big left hand. Johnson is moving well, dodging strikes. They circle around each other for a bit and get close. Tibau engages and Johnson knocks him down with a right cross! Tibau is out. Johnson follows it up with a series of shots and the referee pulls him off. It’s a done deal, folks. Second round stoppage.

Michael Johnson defeated Gleison Tibau by way of TKO (Punches) 1:32 of Round 2

URIAH HALL (7-4 MMA, 0-2 UFC) VS. CHRIS LEBEN (22-10 MMA, 12-9 UFC) *Pictured

Round 1 – Flying knee from Hall right away and Leben is dropped. Leben pops right back up, though. Leben is pressing the action while landing some body shots. Leben is dictating where the action is going and Hall is backing up constantly. He looks to be riding the glory of his first shot. Hall is peppering Leben with countershots. Leben is taking body shots and leg kicks. Leben connects wit ha left punch. Inside leg kick from Leben. Inside leg kick from Hall. Leben has landed two sig. strikes while Hall has landed fifteen. Nice front kick to the body followed up by a jab. Leben gets dropped by a right hand and Hall jumps on him. Leben eats a series of shots but gets saved by the bell. 10-8 Hall

Chris Leben quit on the stool in between the first and second rounds.

Uriah Hall defeated Chris Leben by way of TKO 5:00 of Round 1

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