UFC 168 Results: Poirier Punishes Brandao For Missing Weight, Wins By TKO In Round 1

Dustin Poirier and Diego Brandao met in the middle of the octagon and didn’t hold back from throwing dangerous strikes right from the start.

The fight was fairly even except for the fact that Dustin Poirier was landing the more fight-threatening shots. Diego Brandao was doing a decent job at changing levels but the majority of shots that landed were leg kicks and body shots whereas Poirier tended to headhunt more.

Poirier controlled where the fight went and backed Brandao against the cage multiple times and he was able to capitalize with a minute left.

He popped Brandao with a combination of hard shots that pinned him against the cage and Poirier started unloading. Brandao was doing a decent job at defending the shots but Poirier took to the body which caused Brandao’s guard to go down. Poirier unloaded on the face of Brandao and it wasn’t long before he collapsed. Poirier followed him and pounded on his head until the referee peeled him off with eight seconds to go.

Dustin Poirier defeated Diego Brandao by way of TKO (Puches) 4:54 into Round 1

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