Training Partner Dishes On Aldo’s Rib Injury


We are getting a little bit of a clearer picture as to what happened yesterday, with Jose Aldo’s injury.

There were reports that he fractured one of his ribs while sparring and now it seems that information has been confirmed by unnamed sources inside the training camp.

The sources spoke with BJJEE.COM about the situation and explained how it all went down.

Check it out:

There are like 30 sparring spartners for Aldo there, all great guys, except for like 3 or 4 who basically are low level strikers.

Aldo injured his rib while sparring with undefeated Brazilian lightweight Alcides Nunes, who landed a kick to Jose’s midsection.

Dutch Kickboxing champ Andy Souwer was brought in from Holland to train with Aldo but barely had any chance to help out before the injury occurred.

It happened the round after Andy Souwer sparred with Aldo, against Nunes. Aldo was trying to put Nunes off balance in a clinching situation, turning/sweeping him and after that it looked like he didn’t want to go on anymore, he looked tired and it went on for a minute until the round ended, and he went to sit on one of the bags and they got water and stuff and he said something was wrong with him.

His coach, Andre Pederneiras, does not want the fight to continue but as far as I know they’re still debating.

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