TJ Dillashaw –– ‘Maybe McGregor Can Read The Future, Cuz I Am Leaving TAM’

UFC’s bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw will be joining a new team in Colorado, called MP Elevation, and will hold his whole training camp up there. The news came out on Tuesday and obviously it caught a lot of people off guard.

Dillashaw was a special guest on Stud Show Radio Tuesday night and talked all about the move, his decision, leaving Team Alpha Male and the situation with Duane Ludwig.

TJ talked about the feud between Urijah Faber and former TAM coach Duane Ludwig, saying that he wishes everything would have worked itself out, especially with himself being in the middle of it.

“I believe in Duane Ludwig as a coach. I love the guy. I train with him. Me and him mesh. When you find something that works, you keep it going. Me and him see eye to eye. We train well together, and I was going to do that anyway. I was going to do that no matter what. Now I’m getting paid to do it.”

“I wish the whole thing with Duane would have worked out. I wish Duane wasn’t so hard to somewhat get along with. I get along with him well. He’s a great guy. He means very, very well. Sometimes people hit heads and things don’t really work out. I really wish it would have worked out. I’m the one put in a hard place in all of this.”

He also wanted to make it very clear that any ideas that he’s betraying TAM or dissing them in any way are just ridiculous and he’s just trying to do what’s best for his career.

“It doesn’t help that the Conor McGregor thing is going on in The Ultimate Fighter. It’s actually perfect timing. Maybe he is able to read the future. It’s just crazy that some people are thinking I’m (betraying) Team Alpha Male. It’s crazy. I’m just taking an opportunity that’s given to me and I’m just trying to run with it.”

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