Tito Ortiz: ‘The UFC Swept Me Under The Rug. I Feel Bad For My Kids’

“I feel really bad for my fans and my kids. They will want to look at the history of what their father has done, and the fans will want to see what their favorite fighter has done. I have no control over it, of course, and I didn’t know it was that serious, but I guess I’ve got to read between the lines and that’s the way they feel.

I’m baffled by it. I can’t believe they would do this after I gave my life and soul to them for 15 years. I thought they’d have at least a little respect for me. I’m not their fighter anymore, so they just swept me under the rug. I won’t sit here and complain about it though, because I did what I wanted to do on my own terms. I never lived on my knees with them. I went out on my feet and I’m still here, doing what I love.”

Alright, first-off, let’s not forget that Tito Ortiz is kind of stretching the stats in his favor here, making his argument kind of invalid. But if you can get over that aspect… Poor Tito.

In a recent interview with Bloodyelbow.com’s Steph Daniels, The HBB, discussed the diss handed down by the UFC brass at last weekend’s UFC 172 event.

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