Tim Kennedy on Ronda Rousey’s coaches’ ‘ludicrous’ advice during bout with Holly Holm

Edmond Tarverdyan, coach of former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has been a big target for the loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193. UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy spoke with 1300 The Zone to chime in on the advice and coaching of Tarverdyan in Rousey’s devastating loss (transcribed by bloody elbow):

“You definitely have to adjust what you’re telling your fighter depending who they are. You have to know who they are. None of us know Ronda well enough to second guess what her coach was doing. Maybe he was doing the right thing? Maybe he was giving her the confidence she needed? Maybe she’s someone who needs to operate in confidence? That’s just ludicrous, to me, though.”

Tarverdyan has said that he just wants to be strong for Rousey in her defeat as the team looks to rise from the slump. Michael Bisping has been one to back Rousey’s camp, however, Kennedy feels a shift in direction could be the key to Rousey finding unmeasurable success once again.

“I think Ronda is one of those people like Jon Jones, like Holly. People who are just God’s gift to pugilism. You put her with the right coaches, with the right training partners, her potential is limitless. You put her with the guys she’s been training with? You get what you got.”

What do you think of Rousey’s team? Should she be looking at other camp options? Or should she stick with who has helped her find great success, multiple times in her career prior to UFC 193?

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