Thiago Silva: ‘Ex-wife set me up, it was all about money’

“Here the thing. I didn’t do nothing. She said I pointed a gun at her, I tried to hurt her. I didn’t point any gun, I didn’t try to hurt her, you know? I wanted divorce, she wanted money, I didn’t want to give the money, she set me up, that’s the truth. I just wanted the divorce. I didn’t want to stay with the girl anymore. She wanted a lot, she asked for a lot of money to sign the divorce. I said no, she set me up.

That’s it. I think if I was in his (Dana White’s) position, I would’ve done the same, because he didn’t know what’s going on. So I didn’t blame him. I had to be patient… because I knew the truth. Like I said, I had to be patient. There was nothing I could do. You gotta be patient. You don’t want to think stupid things, you know? If you know the truth, you know the truth is going to come out. It’s very simple.”

“The truth is they didn’t find no proof. I never pointed any gun at my ex-wife, I never tried to hurt (her). Everything she said was a lie. So that’s the truth. The state, they couldn’t prove another thing, so that’s the truth. I’m just glad the truth came out.[The UFC] trust me, they knew I didn’t do nothing, so they gave me my job back. So I’m very glad for this.”

Newly re-hired UFC light-heavyweight Thiago Silva discusses the allegations of domestic abuse that landed him in jail, before being released on bond, and later acquitted.

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