The Ultimate Fighter: ATT Vs. Blackzilians Ep. 7 Recap


ATT reflects on their current situation after their most recent loss. Coaches try to give them another pep talk, telling them they have to fight, “Show people who we are as a team.”

Dana White reveals that both teams have the option to drop two fighters and choose two new fighters. It’s a decision both teams will have to make.

The Blackzilians discuss their wins and announce that Naka has been suspended by the athletic commission because of the damage he took during his loss to Hassan. Because of the loss they decide to activate Alexandre Pimentel, a Jiu-Jitsu ace.

ATT bring in new fighter Cristiano Souza. He takes the place of ‘Creepy’ Steve, who is already out of competition for medical reasons.

ATT picks Nathan Coy, 36 years-old, to fight next.

The Blackzilians pick Vicente Luque to fight next.

The new fighters enter the fighter mansion. They say goodbye to the fighters leaving. Fighters are sad to see Naka leave.

Both fighters weigh in and make-weight. At the staredowns Coy began talking to Luque, telling him he looked good and ready. The blackzilian was a little confused by the strange trash talk.

The Fight:

Right away Luque landed a nice punch combo. After that Coy went for the takedown but was unable to get it. Coy’s eye was bloodied from that first exchange. Luque lands a good knee to the body, then Coy clinches him on the cage and lands knees to the legs. Coy drops for the takedown, but ultimately is unable to get it.

They separate and Luque goes back to landing big punches and kicks. Coy looks beat up halfway though the first round. Again Coy goes for a takedown against the cage. He continues to try but is unable to get Luque down. They separate and return to the center. Luque lands a leg kick that trips Coy. He gets back up. Luque is landing huge punches at will. Coy goes for another takedown on the cage with 10 seconds left. The round ends with him pushing Luque on the cage.

In the second both fighter land some nice punches in the first exchange. Luque continues landing hard. Luque lands a few nice kicks to the body and leg. Every time Coy comes in Luque blasts him with punches. Luque lands a hard body kick, but Coy grabs it and gets a takedown. Luque gets to his feet but Coy drags him down again. Luque again gets to his feet. Against the cage Coy clinches and goes for another takedown. This time he is unable to get it and settles for the clinch. He finally gets Luque down, but only for a brief moment. Luque gets very close to having an armbar with 30 seconds left but Coy survives and breaks out.

The fight goes to a third sudden death round. Luque lands a hard body kick. Coy eats it, but a little later eats another one that seems to send him back and grabbing towards his stomach. When Luque moves forward Coy clinches and pushes him to the cage, looking for a takedown. Luque goes for a trip. They scramble and Coy ends up on his knees while Luque is standing. Luque quickly locks up a front head and arm choke. Blackzilians start celebrating because they think its over. Coy survives a little longer but he does eventually tap. Blackzilians win again.

Winner: Vicente Luque (Blackzilians)

Blackzilians- 200 points (retain home gym advantage)

ATT- 50 points

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