The Ultimate Fighter ATT Vs. Blackzilians Ep. 5 Recap


Would the Blackzilians really go up 5 to nothing, or would ATT be able to put an end to their losing streak?

Episode 5 of ATT vs. Blackzilians starts off in the fighter mansion, showing the Blackzilian’s Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson going to give his congratulations to fight number 4 winner, Carrington Banks. Rumble tells the fighter to stay grounded and hungry.

Sabah, the loser of last weeks fight, is still beat up about the loss and insists that he did enough to win the fight. His team agrees with him but say if there were 4 fights to lose it was those first 4 since they’re only worth 25 points each.

Then we see the Blackzilians training with Tyrone Spong, while he gives them a pep talk about not letting off the gas and says they need to rip the soul out of ATT by winning for a fifth straight time.

ATT decides to pick Hayder Hassan to fight next. The Blackzilians choose Andrews Nakahara. Both fighter are known for their striking, with Hassan being a powerful puncher and Nakahara being known for his karate background.

Drama goes down in the house when Hassan confronts the Blackzilians’ Jason Jackson, asking him if he is spreading rumors that he is a dirty fighter. The two reveal that they fought each other in the past and Jackson claims that Hassan pulled his hair during the fight, which helped him win the fight. The two go back and forth about it, but it ultimately leads to nothing.

The morning of the weigh-ins ATT’s Michael Graves stays behind because he stayed up late drinking the night before. The team voices their frustration with his habits ever since he lost his fight. At the gym the whole team discusses Graves, even mentioning kicking him out of the house. It’s basically decided if he doesn’t improve his attitude then he won’t be given another chance to fight.

Both fighters make weight, time to fight.

There was a lot of talk from both sides about their chosen fighters striking abilities. When the fight finally goes down it doesn’t last long. After Nakahara lands a few good kicks Hassan blasts him with a left hook that drops him. Nakahara is unable to recover and the fight is stopped just 48 seconds in. ATT wins their first fight.

Blckzilians- 100 points

ATT- 50 points + home gym advantage

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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