The Ultimate Fighter: ATT Vs. Blackzilians Ep. 10 Recap


It’s do or die tonight for American Top Team. Blackzilians have won all but two of the fights in this season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and in order for ATT to have any chance of winning the competition, they have to win tonight.

Blackzilians owner Glenn Robinson treated his fighters to a trip to the Versace Mansion for dominating the competition and as a team building exercise. Dan Lambert, on the other hand, stuck to the gym as he feels his back is against the wall after Steve Carl suffered a loss last week.

Glenn Robinson and Blackzilians members talked about how they thought ATT will choose Sabah Homasi. As a result of this, they believed Valdir Arauju will be the best person to counteract his style. They were not prepared for the curveball ATT was about to throw at them, though. Nathan Coy was announced as the next American Top Team fighter to step into the octagon for his team in tonight’s fight. Vicente Luque submitted Nathan Coy in the seventh episode of the season, so Coy has been aching to redeem himself.

Drama ensued at the weigh ins when Glenn Robinson accused Dan Lambert of switching which fighter would be stepping into the bout depending on who Robinson chose. While Lambert did have two fighters ready to step in to fight depending on health reasons, he had informed officials before hand that Coy was going to fight. A grappling challenge is proposed between Robinson and Lambert, but the situation was quickly defused.

Arauju believes the only way Coy can win the fight is if he holds him down after securing a takedown. Robinson insists that even though they predicted the wrong matchup, Arauju will still walk out on top and the home-gym advantage is a big reason for that.

Round 1: Coy catches a body kick thirty seconds into the bout and takes Arauju down to the mat and lands directly in side control. Very little changes from this point on during the rest of the round. Arauju was able to eventually scramble back to half guard, but Coy remained on top and peppered him with shots. Arauju made it back to his feet at the end of the round and landed some decent body shots, but it was too little too late and the horn sounded. 10-9 Coy

Round 2: The round started with Arauju faking a flying knee, turning it into a head kick which cracked Coy in the head. Arauju threatened a D’arce choke, but Coy was able to wiggle his way out. Coy gave up positioning and Arauju eventually found his way into full mount, but he quickly gave it up for an opportunity at a guillotine. Coy easily escaped and put Arauju on his back. Arauju had the opportunity to make it back to his feet, but Coy took him right back down. Arauju grabbed a hold of Coy’s leg and attempted a kneebar, but Coy slipped his foot out and gained top control once again. With Arauju’s back against the cage and fatigue setting in, it was obvious the chances of him getting back to his feet were decreasing. Time expired with Coy on top and he immediately jumped to his feet to celebrate his victory when the horn sounded. 10-9 Coy

Nathan Coy def. Valdir Arauju by way of Unanimous Decision


Robinson was disappointed with the victory and believed that Arauju fought with emotion rather than strategy. American Top Team celebrates their victory in the locker room and they are one fight closer to tying the competition up.

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