The Rock: ‘Conor McGregor Reminds Me of Myself’


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an avid fan of the UFC and most recently partnered up with Ronda Rousey to tackle the bad guys of Wrestlemania 31. In a recent interview with Entertainment.IE, The Rock was tackled with the tough question of choosing the winner of the UFC 189 main event.

Jose Aldo will be defending his UFC Featherweight Championship against the company’s newest star in Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. The odds are close, but have been swaying in the favor of the champion. The Rock is ignoring the bookies advice, however, and seems to be siding with McGregor!

“Everyone has a punching chance. Conor ain’t no joke, he’s a bad dude. And Aldos a bad dude too… What I love about Conor is… [with] Aldo there’s a quiet confidence. And Conor the confidence is NOT quiet and it reminds me of how I was in the WWE,” The Rock said.

“I was bold and talking s**t and there was nothing that I wouldn’t say to try and— obviously in the WWE it’s a work and not real… but I would do everything I could just in terms of… What could I do to create interest? And Conor’s a smart guy like that. He creates great interest.”

The Rock put his final stamp of approval on McGregor when he said that McGregor can back up the crap he talks:

“But it’s not, by the way, bull s**t. He backs it up!”

Who do you have winning? Do you side with Rocky on this one? Or do you think Jose Aldo will pick up the win?

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